Diosdado P. Macapagal

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9th President of the Republic of the Philippines

[ 1961 – 1965 ]

– President Diosdado P. Macapagal
November 1961

This beautiful room took inspiration from the former president’s humble roots stemming from Lubao, Pampanga. His given name, “Diosdado”, means God-given in Spanish. As a young child, he loved catching frogs and eating them after. He grew to love eating blue cheese when sharing a few drinks with friends and was known to be the best debater during his time.
President Diosdado P. Macapagal’s stratospheric rise occurred during his time in Congress. As a Representative, he authored and sponsored several laws of socio-economic importance, particularly aimed at benefiting the rural areas and the poor. Among the pieces of legislation which Macapagal promoted were the Minimum Wage Law, Rural Health Law, Rural Bank Law, the Law on Barrio Councils, the Barrio Industrialization Law, and a law nationalizing the rice and corn industries. He was consistently selected by the Congressional Press Club as one of the Ten Outstanding Congressmen during his tenure. In his second term, he was named Most Outstanding Lawmaker of the 3rd Congress.

As president, he is remembered to have prioritized mass-based causes, particularly the rice industry. This is where the handmade wallpaper and the woven curtain come into play together with its rice motif. In addition, there is the rattan lattice work headboard with pineapple, sugarcane and rice touches. The choices of abaca, rattan and wicker were chosen for their honest and humble “native” material; so too were the watercolors for the country scenery. Above and beyond all of his accolades, the president is remembered as an incorruptible leader who served the country with honor and integrity. In a twist of fate, President Macapagal would not live to see his daughter take her oath as the first female vice-president. He passed away just one year shy of the historic moment. Soon after, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would become President of the Republic of Philippines. She was the first to succeed the presidency as the child of a former president, etching the legacy of their family in the country’s illustrious history.

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