Laperal Mansion

⇒ 1910s-1920s Doña Sabina Sioco y Rodriguez Viuda de Escaler aquired various parcels of land along Arlegui Street in San Miguel, Manila.

⇒ April 30, 1929, Doña Sabina had transferred the property to her son-in-law, Rafael Fernandez y Santos.

⇒ Construction of the house at 1570 Arlegui Street begins.

⇒ 1929, the mansion wins an award for the most beautiful house.

⇒ November 6, 1929, Rafael Fernandez mortgaged the property to Roberto Laperal and his wife Victorina Guison de Laperal in return for a loan of PhP80,000 with interest, and lost.

⇒ November 7, 1932, the sheriff sold the land at public auction to the Laperals, for PhP92,000. Since they were the mortgagees, they did not pay the sale price, except the sum of PhP473 for sheriff’s fees.

⇒ 1944, Laperal was paid PhP500,000 in Japanese war notes for his property.

⇒ February 1945, during the Japanese withdrawal to Baguio, the home was used as the Consulate of the United States.

⇒ July 4, 1946, the mansion becomes the office of the newly established Department of Foreign Affairs post Philippine independence.

⇒ 1955, the National Library occupies the mansion.

⇒ 1961, the Program Implementation Agency of the Office of the President holds office at the mansion. This is the precursor of the Presidential Management Staff.

⇒ 1986-1992, it served as the official residence of President Corazon C. Aquino.

⇒ 1992-1998, it served as the official residence of President Fidel V. Ramos.