Joseph E. Estrada

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13th President of the Republic of the Philippines

[ 1998 – 2001 ]

– President Joseph E. Estrada
May 2000

President Joseph Ejercito Estrada was born in Tondo, Manila. Before his stratospheric rise in the world of politics, he was best known for being a movie star; a career that began in his early 20’s and spanned four decades long. The former president was an icon in the local film industry and was dubbed “The Filipino Actor of the Century.” He was the lead actor in over 100 films, typically portraying a swashbuckling tough guy—who’d defend the underprivileged from the elite—a persona that brought him to the highest seat in government. He is, until this day, the only Philippine President to come from the entertainment industry.

His real name is José Marcelo Ejercito. His parents changed his name from Jose to Joseph because it sounded “old.” His conservative parents banned him from using their surname in the world of show business. Later, he would choose the surname “Estrada” as his screen name, which he claims he found in a phone book.

After being elected as president, he would officially use Ejercito to honor his family—but would never drop Estrada—as that’s how the masses know him. He is also fondly referred to as “Erap,” a name given to him by Fernando Poe Jr., which is a play on the word “pare” (buddy). The former president had a penchant for extravagant homes and exquisite food. He was known to be quite particular with the designs of homes, which leaned towards a slight French flair.

It was only fitting that this room was directed towards a Franco-Filipino motif; an accurate depiction of the former president’s taste. Filipino touches are introduced through carefully curated elements that pay homage to his Manileño roots. This was infused in the bamboo details and caning used in the room together with 19th century French chairs. He always leaned towards neutral tones in his homes and this is an extension of that ethos. The space is bright and jovial, much like the disposition of President Estrada.

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