Manuel A. Roxas

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5th President of the Republic of the Philippines

[ 1946 – 1948 ]

– President Manuel A. Roxas
May 1946

President Manuel A. Roxas was born in Capiz City (now Roxas City), Capiz. He was fondly called “Manoling” by his mother and close friends. By acquaintances and political leaders, he is remembered as the “Governor” of his native Capiz or as “Speaker,” (Speaker of the House of Representatives) a position he held for over a decade with credit and distinction. Eventually, he would become the last president of the Commonwealth era. Consequently, the American Commonwealth period saw the rise of Mid-century furniture, which is a theme that runs through this space.

The late president’s favorite sport was golf. His passion for the sport saw the construction of a miniature 9-hole golf course at Malacañan park. Despite his obsession with the sport, the late president was said to be below average at best. However, those closest to him said that he was great at poker. He also took an interest in truck gardening, which he built in Malacañan park to inaugurate a food production campaign.

President Roxas was particular about taking meals with his family. He was known for his small appetite. Frugal in his diet, he often ordered the palace stewards to prepare a one-course meal for all, including himself. Unlike many of his peers, the former president was not a heavy drinker. However, he was a heavy smoker and was known to pull out a cigarette before press conferences and cabinet meetings.

The bedroom pieces were implemented in local materials but maintained the clean and modern lines consistent with the period style. The collection of prints in the room are representations of his heritage as he fought for autonomy and independence from the American government. The special grey paint on the wall which depicts the stucco finish reminiscent of European influence with a contemporary feel, a rebellious move against the American influence. Furnished with carefully selected modern Filipino furniture, the room is a refined and timeless space that captures the essence of the former president’s era.

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