Manuel L. Quezon

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2nd President of the Republic of the Philippines

[ 1935 – 1944 ]

– President Manuel L. Quezon
February 1922

President Manuel Luis Quezon Antonio y Molina was born in Baler, Tayabas (now Aurora province). He was known to be a gifted, yet lazy student. Though both of his parents were elementary school teachers, Quezon’s school years were best described as bright and lethargic. In reality, Quezon was referred to as the “gulerato” or “bluffer” by his peers and instructors. Despite his mischievous personality, he was an excellent pianist.

When Quezon was still having trouble making ends meet, a man named Antonio offered a helping hand with his food and accommodations. Quezon adopted the latter’s name as his own out of gratitude for his kindness. The former president served as an officer in the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War. Like many Filipinos, he felt duped by the Americans, whom he believed to be friends in the fight against the Spanish rule. As a result, he initially refused to learn the English language. Whenever Quezon was angry, he was known to hurl Spanish expletives.

Being distinctly Filipino in every design aspect, the theme for this private space is “Pearl of the Orient Seas,” a title that evokes images of natural beauty, a rich culture, rarity, essence and value. Pearl, shades of beige and taupe, gold accents and punches of deep green and blue represent Philippine fauna and the ocean. It has an air of elegance that is very much attached to the president’s image. President Quezon didn’t simply stop at donning fashionable attire; he also created his own. Contrary to his well-documented photographs, Quezon didn’t always dress to the nines. When receiving guests at his home, he was said to wear an open polo shirt.

The room is embellished with bamboo, silk, mother of pearl and piña creates the essence of a jewelry box. These elements combined with locally crafted wood by artisans, create a timeless Filipino motif. Touches of European flair, as loved by President Quezon, are infused in the space along with Filipino heirloom accessories that drizzle it with patriotic charm.

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Tania Lichauco
February 2024