Dr. Jose P. Rizal

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– Dr. Jose P. Rizal

Dr. Jose P. Rizal, is the national hero of the Philippines. His martyrdom and bravery to fight without resorting to violence is a key facet to the man’s genius. It is only fitting that the great room on the second floor of the mansion, be dedicated to him. Rizal was not only intellectually gifted but also physically adept. He excelled in various sports, including fencing, swimming, and martial arts. His athleticism and agility served him well during his travels and escapades in Europe, Asia and America.

His exposure introduced him to diverse cultures, ideologies, and perspectives; shaping his worldview and influencing his writings. It is only fitting that this space be opulent, elegant and yet, simple.

The walls are adorned with portraits of our national hero, capturing his profound impact on the course of Philippine history. The centerpiece of the room is the seating area underneath a grand chandelier with European couches and orange accent chairs from different eras–surrounding a dark mahogany table–inviting guests to take their place amidst this room. Rizal’s bravery and sacrifice has been a catalyst to future generations of Filipinos, including those who led the Philippine Revolution. Also, he seemed to have luck on his side. It was reported that he once joined the lottery and won one-third of the grand prize, totaling to  Php18,000.00. Today, his legacy burns even brighter. In a world that rebukes war and violence, it is safe to say that our national hero was a century ahead of his time.

Designed by : Jonathan Matti
February 2024