Sergio S. Osmeña

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4th President of the Republic of the Philippines

[ 1944 – 1946 ]

– President Sergio Osmeña,
December 1945

Sergio Osmeña Sr. earned his bachelor’s degree from the Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Manila in 1894. Osmeña pursued his law studies at the University of Santo Tomas. He became the founder and editor of Cebu’s first daily newspaper El Nuevo Dia in 1900.

Osmeña held several positions in government: appointed Governor of Cebu province and fiscal of Negros Oriental (1904); elected Governor of Cebu province (1906); representative of Cebu in the First Philippine Assembly (1907); Speaker of the House of Representatives (1916); Senator (1923); and founder and President of the Nacionalista Party. He headed an independence mission to the United States to secure the Hare-Hawes- Cutting Law, which was eventually rejected by the Philippine legislature and replaced with the Tydings-McDuffie Law advocated by Senate President Manuel Quezon. Elected Vice-President of the Philippine Commonwealth government in 1935, Osmeña concurrently served as the Secretary of Public Instruction.

Adorned with wallpapers in decorative patterns, the room features a king-sized bed with an intricate headboard and a curved canopy. Capturing the structural aesthetic of Asian temples, the “Ima” bed is woven out of abaca ropes and finely painted in a brown finish.

Complementing the Eastern style bed, the lantern-shaped “Geisha” lamps embellish the bedsides, exuding a gentle glow of traditional pagodas. On its fine wooden desk, a “Diwa” lamp adds a touch of divine radiance—bringing the ethereal light of the rice crop guardians of the Philippines into the cozy space.

Cool shades and white tones furnish the room, complete with a royal blue “Knit” side chair, blue curtains and beddings. These evoke an ambience of tranquility and relaxation—moods relatively attributed to the island home of the late President Sergio Osmeña.

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